Hillary Clinton is Running for President? Limiting Free Speech with her Talking Points!

Hillary has set RULES Talking Points: where people running against her can’t say or accuse her of many of the following things:  Benghazi, Vincent Foster, Hillary doesn’t CARE, White Water, Her Attorney Experience with Rose Law Firm, Her experience in Arkansas with her version of Health Care, and 8 year Doctors, and 2 year RN’s with NO COLLEGE, that claimed, “We know as much as YOU!”  

I’ve been through College to become a Nurse – RN UCLA and Stanford.  16 years with 2 years Medical School – A Requirement of the AMA to be Certified as a Shock Trauma RN Level 1, which is what I AM!   Bill wouldn’t let Hillary do that with the State of Arkansas.   And Not in Little Rock with the Doctors, but in Hot Springs National Park she had full reign!   And when people even go to the Hospitals for a Broken Leg, or Simple Appendicitis, they DIE!

We’ve know individuals who DID!  Lisa Growm, had been in a Accident where she as a passenger in her and her husbands truck was hit by another truck on her side.  It totaled their Truck, and she broke her right leg, a Compound Fracture.   Now normally, she would go to Emergency, they would take an X-Ray, send her to surgery to set it, Put a Pressure bandage on it, then a Cast.   But all Lisa got was the X-ray then a Walking Cast!

She died at home 2 Days later from a Blood Clot that formed and went to her heart!   David Wright, had a Simple Appendicitis found at a Doctor’s appointment, went to the hospital, had the surgery, and died the next day!  From a Internal Hemorrhage!  This is a Clear Example of Hillary Care – It DOESN’T WORK!   EDUCATION IN MEDICINE SAVES LIVES!

And what about White Water and the Murder (NOW DETERMINED) of Vincent Foster, at the very minimum, which is not minimum, Vincent Foster’s Doctor was PAID to tell Vincent that he had AIDS!  With NO CURE!  Well of course Vincent got anxious and depressed.  But his wife had convinced him to get a second opinion!

Vincent was at the park to meet Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Next thing we Vincent Foster was DEAD!  Now we KNOW that Vincent didn’t kill himself!   He had been LIED TO!  And so was the MEDIA, and the Public Believed them?  Excuse me, when was the Media honest about Anything, especially our Leaders?

And what about White Water?  Remember I’m not a member of  the media, and I’m not running for anything!   So I am Talking!    Well Hillary and Bill made MILLIONS, that she was HOLDING IN HER HAND, with Notes, Deed’s and Cash when she gave the TV Interview that I saw: “Well we lost money too in this!”

What about all the Families that Lost Everything including their Money and Homes/????????????????    While she walked away with the Money that they had honestly paid to keep their homes!   Hillary Also Said, “We are Dead Broke, Would I lie to You?” Sorry, but YES, she has LIED, Far Too Many Times, to be Trusted!

I promise they didn’t and do NOT know as much as I!    The AMA requires a Doctor to have 12 years Minimum!  But in Hot Springs where Hillary Changed the Requirements and Medical Laws Change the requirements for Doctors only to have 8 years.   National Park Hospital has a Mortality Rate of 87%, and St. Joe’s Hospital has a mortality rate of 92%.  

When we were working USC Medical and got a mortality rate of 5% WE WERE CHECKING OUR PROTOCOLS!   When I applied when I first moved to Hot Springs National Park, I turned in my License and references.  I thought I would be able to get a ER Nursing Job Again.   I waited for 2 weeks, then the phone rang.  I asked if I could bring my Husband, Mark.

So we got on our best clothes, went into town, and to St. Joseph’s Hospital.   We walked in, and announced to the lady at reception who I was.  She asked us to wait.  We waited for about 5 minutes.  Then we were led into a Board room.  With a very large table, with 7 doctors in suites on the other side, and 2 chairs opposite. Mark and I took our seats.  Then one of the Doctor’s enthusiastically said, “We have an Excellent position for you, with a very excellent wage that I believe you will appreciate.”  Then he said, We are offering you $764.000.00 a Year to start – How does that sound?  I looked at Mark and he looked at me, I said, Excuse me, that is a yearly amount that a beginning doctor would receive, I’ve earned as much as $140,000.00 in California a Year, and that was for 60 hours a week, I worked my But OFF for THAT!)” “Well, you have 2 years in Medical School as we need a Neurologist!”   “WHAT?  I’m sorry, but I can’t be a Doctor, I don’t have enough education for that!  I’m just a Nurse.”    “But we can TWEAK Your License, and no one would know any different!”

I Said, “Well I would know, and GOD would know!   I’ve worked Damned Hard to get to were I am Today in my knowledge, and I’m not going to allow anyone to ‘Tweak’ my License, that I’ve worked for!   I’ve worked too hard to have my license corrupted like that, it means more than that to me!   I’ve been honest my entire life, and I can’t change what I am already with GOD or man!”   We walked out, with all of my paperwork.   I was able to sleep peacefully at night.

Our Pastor who fully supported the 2 hospital and has his Church in Hot Springs confronted me, “Why didn’t you take the job? they need a Neurosurgeon!”  I told him, “I CAN’T be Dishonest with who or What GOD has made me, and that would dishonest.”  We didn’t remain with that Church for long.  Especially after they kept sending Homeless people, to our home which was smaller than theirs.   We ended up with a $60,000.00 Theft from our Home in Hot Springs National Park, that was according to the Police.  I will NOT name our Pastor then.

We knew who, but they were NEVER prosecuted! Because though he was a Felon because he Killed a Black kid, as a 17 year old, and went to prison for it, She was when her mother was alive the Darling of Hot Springs.  The Newspaper called the Police Inept 14 times in the 7 years we lived there!

With Benghazi, another word the Hillary Camp has said to the Media and Any other of the Possible Candidates they can’t Speak or they will be Prosecuted!   Well let me since I’m no reporter, or possible candidate, and neither is my husband, Mark!  Benghazi Libya happened on a September 11th.   There had been threats given to Chris Stephen’s and others at the Benghazi Compound for over 8 Months.

The Secretary of STATE is Responsible for All Foreign Embassies and their Safety!   9 Days before the Attack the Marine Contingent Was Removed!  I know because Mark and I met 2 of them!   Because we knew their Parents in Hot Springs.   One of them was from our Neighborhood where our House use to be!  For 7 Months continually Request were sent to Hillary and others in the White House to no avail.  That’s why Ty Woods and the other 3, who sadly I never knew, went to Benghazi, to help Chris.  Chris’s Fiance’ was horrified.

You see Hillary Clinton and the other’s in the White House were not the ONLY Ones’ who got E-Mails from Chris in Benghazi!   They were in the Situation Room that Night, how do I know THAT?   Because Chris sent Panic E-mails to Hillary and Obama and They Both Answered!

Obama told Ty and the others to “STAND DOWN!”   Ty E-Mailed them Both – “I Can’t STAND DOWN – People will DIE!”  Ty Saved 26 Souls out of that Compound, but have NOT been allowed to Testify or Talk about what happened at the Benghazi Compound!   They were There and they know better than Anyone Else!

Hillary e-mailed them, “You have your additional security, you don’t need more!”   They KNEW it was NO Protest!   They Knew and MILLIONS around with Internet that NIGHT KNEW THERE WAS NO PROTEST BECAUSE THERE WAS A DRONE RIGHT THERE!   Mark and I watched it on our Computer and Did Millions of others!  In America and the World!

And she made Talking Points!   Does Anyone Remember just from a Couple of Weeks ago?   Benghazi, Not Caring, Better than Any Other Candidate, She doesn’t know about health care, and a host of others!  Vince Foster, Rose Law Firm, White Water  No One from the Media or Candidates running against her are allowed to say anything about the Talking Points!  Excuse me, what about Freedom of Speech?

It’s all the Places she has where people lost everything and she and Bill came away with Millions.   All she and Bill care is MONEY, which they equate to POWER!  Hasn’t that been threatened enough with Obama?   My GOD, he’s made major Speeches on You Tube, TV and Radio against Free Speech!   Wake UP!

Then for 9 Days, Hillary and Obama went to Hong Kong and throughout America, saying “It was a Protest over a Video! A Horrid Insulting Video to the Muslim World!”   And for 21 more days interviews, on TV, Radio and News Media that a Protest had caused the Killing and Terror at Benghazi!  Excuse me!

They Can Insult us Christians and My Jesus in Any Way they Chose, yet We Can’t Insult them for Believing a LIE?     Interesting.  The Last Days are here for Sure!

Then at Andrews Air Force Base the Body of Ty Woods was brought home to be buried.   Charles Woods (Ty’s DAD) went to Andrews Air Force Base to Pick up Ty’s Body.   Joe Biden walked up to Charles and said, “WELL I GUESS YOUR SON ALWAYS HAD BALLS OF STEEL!”   Charles said nothing, but heard Joe Biden walking off Laughing to himself.

Then Hillary Clinton tapped his right shoulder, “I’m so sorry that son was killed because of that Protest!”    Charles again was fuming because he KNEW THE TRUTH!  But said nothing.  Because Charles is a Gentleman!   Hillary Lied to Charles.

And what about going back to the Past?   I thought America didn’t want to return to the Past!   Well do you really thing that Hillary would be running America over Bill?  No Way!  We can’t afford to go to the Past with The Clinton’s or the Bush’s.  Jeb Bush apparently is getting ready to Run!   He’s not proved Anything to me.  And he’s listen to his Grandpa and Daddy.  No Thank You on Him!

Then her E-Mails.  She agreed with Trey Gowdy to work with him on the Benghazi Investigation.  And not only did she erase the Emails but Destroyed the Servers AFTER she Agreed and was asked for the E-mails.   Legally that is Obstruction of Justice – A Felony!    Now Hillary says, “What Difference Does it Make???????”   When she’s asked about Benghazi!   Our Ambassador was Murdered, so That Makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  NOW!  Let’s be Honest!   Is This Who You Want????   NOT ME!

We Need Honesty, Accountability, and We Don’t Need to Go To The Past with the Clinton’s or the Bush’s!  What has Jeb Bush Proved?   Well he does Support Obama in too many things.   Just as Rand Paul.   And that’s why I can’t afford to Support or Vote for them!

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  Behold I will do a New thing: now it shall spring forth: shall ye not know it?  I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls: be I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give to my people, my chosen.”   Isaiah 43: 18-20.

I’m supporting and Voting for TED CRUZ!   He’s Honest, Ethical, and Is NOT Part of the OLD GOP!  Please make this go VIRAL!  Share with All You Know!  I Pray for All that are Running, and those in Washington, including Obama.   But honestly I could never support those who are destroying All that has been GOOD and Appropriate in America!   WAKE UP!   Seriously, What happened to Voting who would be Best for America?   That is Ted Cruz, and He Has MY VOTE AND SUPPORT, AND PRAYERS TO ALL MIGHTY GOD!   And I’ve been Praying;“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgement thou shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord.”  Isaiah 54: 17.   Over Ted Cruz.  That NO Evil touch him, but would be turned around!  That is Scriptural!

Now is Hillary the Individual You Want as our President????   NOT ME!   She Lies, She’s Dishonest, and She only Cares for her own, and Cares NOTHING for We The People!   Haven’t we had enough?   I know I have.   Hillary Clinton is just the other side of the Coin of Obama!   And that is the TRUTH!

So Please Don’t Vote or Support Her and shew that I’ve been Correct in this as you did with Obama!   And just this morning, Obama said, “Hillary would make an excellent president!”  Now, I must ask you Honestly;   Do You Really Trust Obama?

I’ve not heard even former supporters that do.  Still I pray for them!  The 10th Chapter of ROMANS is Clear on THAT, I must Pray for them!   And I do and I pray for their Souls and for GOD to Guide and Bless them!   For this is Will of My Father in Heaven!

Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.


Thank You President Obama!!!!!!

I honest mean this.  I’m greatful to President Barack Husuin Obama!   Hey the mid term elections gave a huge message to the Progressives, Democrats and Obama.  As a Conservative, I was quite pleased with the midterm elections.  I believe that many of our nations problems can be best addressed with Conservative approaches.  However it appears that the major direct that the Republicans wish to advance is toward the continuous war.  There is a current movement to demoralize Russia and China, and prayerfully Saudi Arabia.

My MOM went to PRISON for 2 years for Doing the Escrow on a Major Building of the Miracle Mile for King Fahd, who just passed away.   And Her Beloved California Coast Escrow was forced out of Buisiness by the FBI.   We were not friends with Saudi Arabia until President Obama, and they are ONLY Interested in the Destruction of America and what we have stood for, just as Obama has done.

My Mom was never the same after she got back from Prison.   She was a destroyed woman that still had money in the bank (Not related to that sale in Beverly Hills on the Miracle Mile).   And she was always trying to find a way to earn more money, because Money was my Mom’s god.  And she found it.  She moved in one of her ‘Boyfriends’ to here bedroom upstairs and kicked my DAD to the Maid’s room downstairs.  Note: we didn’t have a maid at that time.   My Dad moved out within a week.  My Mom filed for divorced the day after, and Joe and her went down to Mexico City where they got married (Illegal on my Mom’s behalf, but my Dad never filed against her).   And it turns out that he was the only one that could have filed that – Bigamists charges against her.  Long story, but she paid my DAD’s doctor to Kill him, which his doctor did.   5 weeks after that, Joe and my Mom got married in Reno, Nevada.  I don’t believe that Joe knew what my Mom had done.  I did.  That’s in my Book – A STRUGGLE TO VICTORY.  And you will have to read it, to get that story.

My Mom always made a point of letting me know, that she was ‘better’ than me.  I kept reminding her that according to the Holy Bible that no one is better than anyone.   And what I’ve found out, that is so very true.  We are all human, just like all the rest of us and you.  Well, what happened to my Mom going to Prison for dealing with a Enemy State of America.  Now a Friend of America?   I don’t think so.  Obama lied when he met the King, that I met back in 1968.   Obama bowed to that king, and when he was asked by the king, “Is America Muslim????”  Obama replied, “Of course it’s Muslim!”  Then the King said, “Well I didn’t think so, You see I’ve been to America before and I saw a Christian Nation, Not Muslim, so being Muslim must be new for America, am I correct?”   Obama replied, “America has been Muslim for Decades!”   That was reported by the English Mirror.   I am quoting exactly as it was reported!   And that’s the problem with Obama – He LIES!   About too much and too Many THINGS!

Obama has divided America as never before in America!  Give Thanks to President Obama for destroying the Democratic Party.  In December 2008, the Democrats had picked  up 14 Senate seats and 52 House seats.  The press was touting the death of the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party.  However, Obama gave the House and the Senate back to the Republicans, completely exposing Liberals and Progressives for exactly who and what they are, and about.

Sadly, every generation seems to need to RELEARN the why lesson on why they should never actually put Liberals or Progressives in charge.  Obama is bringing home the lesson very well.

Liberals and Progressives tax, borrow and spend.  Liberals and Progressives want to take over Our Economy.  Liberals and Progressives on completely taking over our private lives.  Thank You Obama for rejuvenating the Conservative movement.

His amazing leadership has divided America like never before and sparked the greatest period of sales of firearms and ammunition this country has seen.  Law abiding citizens have rallied and have provided  a stimulus to sporting goods franchises.

Thank Obama for awaking the American People to see that no smooth-talking teleprompter reader and community organizer can fool them forever.

Thank You Obama for the kind of Hope and Change we desperately Needed!

There is no adequate reasons that Russia and China to be enemies when they could be friends.  The Republicans are pushing for additional Military Involvement in the Middle East.  No one in our country has a clear grapes of what really is going on in Muslim Countries, because Obama has not given us any warnings and refuses to call ISIS Terrorists, which they clearly are.

We need to treat them like an epidemic, isolate them and stay away, but also keep them away from America!  These are Middle Eastern Problems.  Obama has not Protected us from ISIS, Radiation that hit the Pacific Ocean and He has not told us the truth of much of anything.   My Prayer is that America can survive the OBAMANATION which my Husband, Mark termed back in 2007 at the home of Terry Perl, a friend of us to this day with her husband, Grant right there and heard it also.

Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!   Jane

Justice or Not? And what the Holy Bible says!

Every few years, a trial that captures nation-wide attention.  The case may involve a celebrity or some sensational murder, and it seems to be the only thing the national media talks about.   And when the jury finally reaches a verdict, we hear a collective cry of surprise at their decision: not guilty.

“How could they let that person go fee when all the evidence and testimony pointed to their guilt?  They got away with murder!”   We’ve all had those moments when we marveled at a blatant lack of justice.   But a lot of injustice occurs that the media Never Covers!  The lives of the unborn children are experienced injustice, but who sees that injustice?  Others are unable or unwilling, but the children are unable to speak for themselves.   The lives of unborn children are cut short.

God is a GOD of Justice, and he calls us to practice justice as well.   In the Old Testament, we see clear cut direction on we should practice justice and speak up for others.   Rather than just letting out blood boil over injustice, we can step in and be a champion for justice.

“THOU shalt not raise a false report: put no thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.   Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment:  Neither shalt thou countenance a poor man in his cause.”   Exodus 23: 1 – 3.   

Now I believe that explains rather clearly.   We can’t dirty our hands/souls with anything that is not holy, for Jesus was/is HOLY!   Justice is an idea in every society.  Virtually every culture and every form of Religion has the notion this wrong for one person to have an unfair advantage over another.  We all want justice when some has taken advantage of us, but we’re not always as ready to step up when others have been wronged.

“And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.  For many will come in my name, saying I am also Christ: and shall deceive many.  And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye not be troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.  For Nation shall rise against Nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places.  All of these things are of the beginning of the sorrows.  Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated among all nations, for my name sake.  And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.  And many false prophets shall rise and deceive many.  And because of this iniquity shall abound, the love of many wax cold.  Be he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.”  Matthew 24: 4 – 13.  

Mark, My Beloved Husband, has been healed from None Hodgkin s Lymphoma Stage 5!  I’ve been Healed several times, from Polio, and Breaking my Back where I have NO L1 and L2 because of the way that I broke it.  And I have 9 vertebrae’s Fused and Walk un-aided and without pain!  That happened June 14, 1972 in California!   Now GOD does chastise us once in a while when we don’t listen to him.  After all we are only human and not perfect!  But GOD has been GOOD to Mark and I and give Him the Praise, Glory and Honor!

And I believe the Holy Scriptures.   I also believe the Holy Scriptures speak clearly.   For us to warned that we not be deceived and to stand fast in the Will of GOD and strong in our Faith of our Lord GOD.   And I can only speak about me, I refuse to deny my Faith!   And I will NEVER Deny My Lord GOD!  For me it’s a Daily Walk with Jesus in My Heart and God Leading me throughout the day and every day.   Before I get up in the morning, I dedicate my days unto GOD every morning!   I can’t start my days without GOD!   I often as I go to the bathroom to wash up, I say, “Good Morning GOD!”  I talk to GOD throughout the Day.   On Everything!   Even little things.   If I forget where I put something, I’m not afraid to ask GOD!   Because He knows Everything, especially my heart.   Mark says, that I have a tender heart.  That’s what he see’s in me.  I just pray when the Rapture happens, (and IT WILL HAPPEN!) that God will count me as Worthy unto HIM!   Because I feel that Rapture will happen soon, when everyone least expects it. That’s why I must stay true to HIM every day, All Day!   At at night when I go to bed, I say my nightly prayers, and say, “Good night GOD!”   I have that type of Relationship with GOD!   At least it works for me.

That’s what True Salvation is all about – That Relationship that you  build with GOD through the gift of the Holy Ghost!  And I’ll tell you, there’s no substitute on earth.  Because my Relationship that I have, is not this earth, it’s truly of Heaven which is my goal.   BUT, I’m not sitting on top of Mountain and stopping my life and waiting for the Rapture.  NO!   That’s not what GOD wants!   People have tried that before and got greatly deceived!  You see, if you don’t follow the Truth of GOD, then he will let you follow whatever you chose, and allow you to live whatever lie you want.  Because GOD gave us Free Will.  He didn’t make robots or the like.   For me I chose reading my Holy Bible, Praying to GOD in Jesus Name, Praising Him for ALL that he has done for me, US!   And talking to him daily throughout my days, because that’s what I’m comfortable with.   I can’t start my day with anything else, but GOD!

So in the mean time I will continue to pray.  And buy a 2/3 House here in Kansas in a nice neighborhood, a nice vehicle, pay a large tithe to our church without them knowing where it came from, and building our log home with a nice apartment above the Garage.   When our log home is ready, we’ll move in there and rent out our house – prayerfully to a nice family that would appreciate it, like we will.

Jesus IS! “I and my Father are one.”  John 10:30.  “Let us make make man in our image, in our likeness…” Genesis 1: 26.   That was GOD talking to Jesus!  Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.

My Beloved Husband is a TRUE ORPHAN!

My Beloved Husband is a TRUE ORPHAN!.  Mark Never knew his any members of his Family!  But he’s the most Loving, Compassionate, and Loyal man I’ve ever Known!   And the Most Handsome!   And I’m Happily Married to the One Man that My Dad wanted me to Marry!  Please Read the Whole Story and Comment Please!    Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.

My Beloved Husband is a TRUE ORPHAN!

Mark, never knew his parents.  And he grew up in New York City, in the Upper Class Orphanages of the Catholic Church. Now we do know that his Mom never gave Mark away, willingly!   This was done with 1000’s of Women coming from Europe at the end of WWII!  Mark was born at New York Memorial Hospital in New York City September 8/9, 1947 right at Midnight!   Mark and I do know both of parents names, and birth and death date.

We did send $47.00 to New York City to get Mark’s Birth Certificate.   Then we got a very nice letter from them to please contact the Diocese in Albany.   So we in turn sent a very nice letter to the New York Diocese in Albany, New York, explaining that we got Married March 17, 1997, and put GOD first in our Marriage.   And that we’ve been happily married for over 17 years.   This was done, of course last year, because we have been happily Married for 18 years, and NOT LONG ENOUGH!

We waiting for 3 weeks, then finally recieved a Large Envolope from the New York Diocese.  Mark wasn’t home at the time the Mail came that I had to sign for!   So I waiting with a Lot of Prayer to GOD that his Birth Certificate would be included!   When Mark got home, I shewed it to him, and he asked me to open it, which I did in front of him.   No Birth Certificate and a very cruel letter, accusing us both as apostates.   And telling us, that we didn’t follow the Bible or Cannon Law with our Marriage!

The letter also Demanded Mark to Move to Albany, New York by Himself alone, and re-join, the Catholic Church.  And if desired, to have me move up there to a separate address registered with the New York Diocese, then I would have to Join the Catholic Church!    Well we are both Apostolic Chirstians, and that is Totally Against the Holy Bible KJV that we use Daily!   And then we after 6 months would have to asked permission to marry each other by a Catholic Bishop!   And if he approved it, then we would have to have Catholic Marriage!   Then live there in Albany for 2 years as a good Catholic Couple, then MAYBE Mark MIGHT get his Birth Certificate, but there was No Guarantee!

For both Mark and I, we thought there had to be another way.   Because for Mark and I what the Catholic Church was Requiring us to do was not acceptable to us!   We are Married according to GOD!  And No Man, Catholic, Cannon or otherwides can Change that Fact.  Because We KNOW that We Married in The Will of GOD!  Validated by Every Pastor We’ve had since we got Married!  So then we contacted our Family Attorney.  To ask him to Write a Request for Mark’s Birth Certificate.   3 weeks went by with nothing from our Attornies office, so we called and got an appointment.   When we arrived and announced who we were, the entire office went silent!   Quit Earie and unusual.  Finally after about 30 Minutes, 20 mintutes after our appointment time, we got called in.  We sat in our Attorny’s office, and he told us, “I can’t be your attorny any more, things have come about that would prevent us from helping you with anything!

As we left, his secretary handed us a note, and motioned us to keep it quiet!   The note had her phone number in it, with a request of calling her and we could meet at a restraraunt or somewhere safe and public!   So we made that call that evening and made arraingements to meet her for dinner the following evening in a equally loved restaraunt!

She arrived about 10 minutes before we did.  She didn’t mind, she was so sweet, and we had light talk at first then ordered our dinners.   Then durring dinner she told us, the Cannon Lawyers came to the Attornie’s office and openly threatened, everyone there, and later their families!   All regaurding Mark’s Birth Certificate.  This was NOT the first time that Mark has heard of problems, when Mark tried to get his birth certificate before we got married.

In 1971, Mark was a Student at University of Arkansas studying Psychology, Sociology, and Phylosophy.   He was making excellnt grades and was married to his first wife then.   He had paid cash for his house there, in the Mountains overlooking the Buffalo River there in Arkansas near Fayettville.  Mark met a lot of Orphanges from Catholic Orphanages around America!   So Mark got together with them and found out that they were involved in a Class Action Suite against the Catholic Church In Order to Recieve thier Birth Certificates.

Everything was quiet then.  But when Mark joined the Class Action Law Suit with His Name, things fell apart.  The Cannon Lawyers came from Various Dioceses around America, and Demanded that the University of Arkansas be Closed Permanently!   The University fought HARD and Struggle to Open Legally and Thank GOD they were able to stay open.  But durring the 4 years that the Cannon Lawyers were there Most that were involved with the Class Action Suite either went to other colleges, some of them disapeared never to be heard of, and just a few remained at the University of Arkansas, and Mark was one of those who did stay!   Mark did Graduate with a PhD in Phycology, and 2 Advanced Masters in Sociology and Phylosopy in 1978.    It was at that time also when Mark’s first marriage failed because she had committed adultery with several of guys that Mark did believe at one that they were his friends.

Mark was devistated by that divorce that he had to file, and they didn’t want to let go, but Mark did, by moving to Tenneessee.  Where he lived and worked for 3 years, till he met his second wife.  Then they moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.   Mark bought a house that was many years covered with water by Katrina!   Mark said that was a great neighborhood, where they had picnics and barbques that involved the entire neighborhood!   Mark told me it was a awesome place to live.  Mark had an employment agency that he bought, but when he recieved a job opening for the Marriot Hotel as a Room Service Waiter, Mark wanted to take it, and he was offered and given the job!   He sold his agency to his manager, who paid Mark for 3 years to pay off the note.   Then after 5 years, with a very comfortable amount of Money, he moved to Texas where he met his 2nd wife.

After 19 years of Marraige, Mark starting and working Horizon Construction in Brownwood, Texas (Which is DEAD Center of Texas on Any Texas Map).   Mark was building the Wal Mart Super Stores when they first started.  In fact, Mark met Sam Walton in Person.   Sam wanted to call them Hyper Stores.   Mark gave this suggestion, “Mr. Walton, if you call the stores Hyper stores, it’s going to scare the people away, how about calling them Super Stores, which will actually bring people in?”   Sam took Mark’s suggestion, and loved the work that Mark was doing.  Because to be perfectly Honest, Mark does Beautiful Work in Contruction, Painting, or Landscaping.  God has greatly BLESSED Mark with all of his Tallents that Mark has!

Well that marriage ended again with her committing adultery!   Devistating Mark even harder this time, not only did his immediate family have a nice big house in which to live that was paid for in CASH, many members of her Family had homes also paid by Mark, and Positions of GOOD Employment like with King Ranch.   King Ranch, in case you don’t know, is only the Worlds Largest Horse and Cattle Ranch which goes from Central Texas upto Central Middle Canada!   There are Highways and Freeways that go through King Ranch in all of those Central States including here in Kansas where we now are making our Home.

We Mark tried to make his new life in Austin, Texas, that’s where we met.  Both Mark and I had come from Very Bad Marriages, with a lot of Pain and Adultery, making both of us Victims of Adultery and worse.   Mark was being followed up for an injury to his back, and I had been referred there to that same doctor to check my back and get an X-Ray.  I had broken my back June 14, 1972 On 1-5 over Refugio Bridge which I don’t believe the small river is there anymore because of their severe droubt).   I left California with the 1994 Simi Quake (EarthQuake).   I moved to Greenville, Texas, Hunt County to my Grandparents, Home on Wolf City Driveway.  I stayed with both of Grandparents and took care of them, cooking and carring for them so they could both stay in their home.  I loved them both Dearly.   If I could have asked GOD to give me my Grandparents, I would have asked for the one’s that I Had!  Mark and I had a Very Dear Friend in Austin, Texas.  Bobbie Hunter was a real Jewel!   She had a lovely home in Austin, and her Pastor who knew us begged to marry us when we got married.   We couldn’t say no!   So we were Married March 17, 1997 at a Lovely Church in South Austin, near Barton Creek.   The Church was Full, with the Govenor, and Mayor right in our Church celebrating our Marriage!  For a Gift that we got from the City of Austin, blew my mind!   We got the Keys to the City for 1 year, where we could NOT pay for ANYTHING!!!!!

If I went to a Grocery Store like HEB or the like, I’d get to the Cashier and our Bill was Paid!   When I went to Cercuit City to buy Windows and Office for my Computer, when I got to the Cashier, my Bill was Paid!   Whenever we went out to a restaraunt, we’d ask for our bill, but we were always told, “Your bill is already paid!”   So we would leave Big Tips on the Tables for the Watresses and Waitors!    We couldn’t pay for Gas for our Car or for Servicing our Car, we couldn’t pay our Rent, Utilities, or phone, because it was already paid.   So we saved a lot of money during that time.  Mark was working for Solectron, which was on Research Blvd.  And making Excellent Money being in Charge of the Mother Board Modual!   If you have a Computer or Laptop, then You Have a Solecteron Mother Board!   Unless you have a Apple or Compaq.  Otherwise you have a Solectron Board, because they Own all the Pattens, and when the pattens are ready to expire, they get them again by renuing them!   So Solectron Corporation makes ALL the Mother Boards!   Mark had the opprotunity to go to Charlotte, right before 911.   That’s where I lost my Brother on the 93rd Floor of the South Tower!   My Brother Michael John Leonard, who worked with Homeland Security there, it wasnt just Wall Street there in the Towers that day.

Mark and I met again in that Doctor’s office, He was a Spine Orthopedists!   And very GOOD.   I had orginally met Mark back in New York City where he was born and raised.   I found it almost funny, that when Mark was forced in the Army, he had a pilots license, and would fly home when ever he could.  He would fly to the New York Airports from Fort Ychucka, Arizona where Mark was Stationed in Signal Corp.   Mark suggested to his Superiors, that instead of using String for Communications in Viet Nam, to use Batteries and Satalites for Communcation in War Zones.   Guess what they accepted that, and they are Still Today commincating that way in All War and other Situations!

Well Mark and I for 7 years lived in North Carolina.   We thought we would be happy there, but we lost My Daughter that was born to me.  I thank GOD she was Saved!   She and her fiance’ were murdered there in North Carolina by 3 individuals we knew, but never considered them our friends.   We lost our Daughter (She considered Mark as her Daddy) and her faince’ in 2007.   Amelia Ann Leonard, and Jaun Martinez from Mexico.

Jaun had a degree in Contruction, and he was a Golden Glove Boxer and one of the finest Individuals you’d ever meet!   Jaun called his parents in Juarez, Mexico, and asked if he could make us his American Parents!   After several weeks of talking back and forth with a lot of laughter and learning the wonderful family he came from.  He was NOT Catholic, They were Apostolic Christians!  And wonderful people!  They gave their Blessing openly and came to North Carolina to our Home to make if Official!  That was so hard to go through.   I loved them both so very much.

It was easy for Mark and I to see how Amy would fall in love with Jaun!  I would have loved to have Juan as my Son In Law!   And I would have Loved to see thier Children, they I believe would have been really beautiful!   But sadly we never will, because Teresa Nance Anderson and her family murdered the both of them for just being GOOD people who put GOD first and refusing to give into the Drug Life-Style!   They have ALL Received the Death Penalty, and they will pay thier price very soon, with in the next 2 years!

Mark and I have struggle and still do now financially,  but still we feel so very Blessed to have each other!   I married my Best Friend, and I believe the most Compassionate and Loyal Man I’ve ever known!   I do wish that we had gotten married when we first met in New York City back in 1968.   My Dad even gave permision for me to Marry Mark then and there, but Mark didn’t want to steal the baby carrage, yes, I was my parents Youngest, and the “Baby” but I was excelling, and already in College and out of High School.   Mark knew that, and has told me, that he never forgot me.  When he saw me at the Orthopedists office, he hasn’t let me go since!   And I never Forgot Mark, he was my very first Kiss, and the first Man I ever fell in Love with.  When we were in New York City for 4 weeks, when I had fallen in Love with Mark, I came back to Astoria Hotel there in New York (the penthouse!) My DAD told me, “Well Daughter, you are no longer my little girl, you have now grown up, because I can tell you’re in Love with Mark, and I couldn’t be happier.”   Mark and my Dad had spent hours together talking and getting to know each other well.  For that also I am so very grateful to GOD for.  Because My Dad got Murdered back in 1972, but I’m Happily married to the Man that my Dad wanted me to be married to!  Hallelujah Amen!  And I’ve never been happier!   What a True Blessing of GOD that I get Everyday!

PLEASE, Allow to Ask YOU This Question?    How Can the Catholic Church Be TRUE with Refusing and Threatening Those who are Just Asking for their Birth Certificates.  And Demanding for Bishops to Selebet and Not Married, when the Holy Bible in 1 Timothy Chapter 2 Requires a Bishop to be Godly Husband and Dad, with a Wife of Faith and Sobietry?   Mark and I are going to believe the Holy Bible before ANY Law made of Men!   Cannon Law did not come into the Catholic Church until the 14th Century.  And it Was NOT of GOD!  Not the GOD that Mark and I Know!  Please I need an Answer to This One!

Jesus IS!  John 10:30.   Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.

Just because a Family member has gone through a Medical Surgery, doesn’t Make Anyone an Expert!

I’m positive that logical, sensible individuals are highly aware of this!   I know that before I went to school to become a RN and even when I was in College learning to be an RN I asked lots of questions, because I didn’t know.

There are Individuals one I will name K.   She believes that she knows Everything about Everything.   And K has been known to Lie and Steal, though she firmly denies this, but there have been Witnesses that have seen the theft, and she has been caught in several lies.

As I was coming downstairs to take my clothing downstairs with my GAIN to wash them, K was in the public area and said, “You are going to be suffering and you may never get over that knee transplant.”   I told K, “I’m going to be taking classes, and seminars on education on my new knee, this is available to everyone going through it at KU.  It does make a difference who who and where the surgery is performed.  I even checked it out on the Internet and my best friend here had her knee done by my Doctor and is doing great after only 3 weeks.”  “WELL MY MOM HAD HER KNEE REPLACED 5 MONTHS AGO AND IS SUFFERING HORRIBLY!”    I then asked K, “Where was it done, and who did the surgery?”  “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!”

So I caught the Elevator to go Downstairs to the basement and started my laundry.  Raul was down there, and he asked me what was going on?   I told him, “Well I have my surgical date, for May 18th.   And before that I’ll be attending classes and seminars to learn about my new knee.  And I believe the Results turn out better if it’s done by a good doctor and where the procedure is done.”   Raul Agreed.   I said, “It does make a difference where you have the surgery and who does it.”  We hear the Elevator.   K came down and SCREAMED, “STOP TALKING ABOUT ME!  YOU AND PAULINE ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AND YOU TALK ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME!  I KNOW MORE ABOUT KNEE REPLACEMENT THAT YOU, AND YOU WILL SUFFER!!!!!”   I attempted to say, “Where you have it and who does it, Does make the difference!”  But she Exploded, “I KNOW MORE ABOUT KNEE REPLACEMENTS THAN YOU EVER WILL!”   I asked, “Why is your Mom still suffering, she shouldn’t be!”   “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” “You’re an idiot and STOP TAKING ABOUT ME!!!!”   Then she got on the Elevator and went up to the first floor and I prayed that she would go to her apartment!   K. is not a Rational Individual.

Any medical procedure matters with where and who does it!   I learned the Hard Way in Hot Springs National Park where Mark and I saw People Die Needlessly!  Because of Medical Malpractice!   With Doctor’s with ONLY 8 years of Education – The AMA Requires a Minimum of 12 Years to be a Doctor, then anywhere from 2 to 12 years more depending on your specialty!   And the Doctor’s there only had 8 years – No matter their Specialty!   And RN’s with ONLY a 2 year Certificate with NO COLLEGE!   The AMA requires a Minimum of a Bacholars Degree to be an RN!   We met a Charge RN in Recovery ICU with only a 8th Grade education and the 2 year Certificate.   These Ladies claimed to me, “We Know As Much as YOU!”    I have a Master’s Degree from UCLA in Westwood, California and 2 years Medical School at Stanford University in Menlo Park, California!   I was born and Grew Up in California!   K. reminds of the people there who claimed that their ‘Doctor’s’ were the best, and there was no better.   Yet one hospital had over 87% Morality Rate, and the other had a 74% Mortality Rate!   When I was working at USC Medical and we got up to 5% we were CHECKING OUR PROTOCOLS TO GET THAT MORTALITY RATE DOWN FROM 5%!   With anything over 20% It use to be the AMA would step in and Close such Hospitals for Inappropriate Medical Care!

To Raul and I we both said, that K was Crazy, and Raul did agree with me that it does matter who does the surgeries and where it’s done that makes the difference.   If K’s Mom is still hurting after 5 Months, then she should go in and have that checked, because that is not right, medically!   In the mean time, I will be praying for her, I’ve never met her, and I don’t know her name or condition, but I’ll be praying for a Full Recovery and for GOD to Bless Her!    You see, GOD knows exactly who she is, and my Prayer will not go in Vain.   God will honor my prayers, he always has.  Even my prayers for small things, GOD answers one way or another, but HE Always lets me know HE’S listening to me!  Hallelujah Amen!

I’m so very grateful that I serve a GOD that Honors my Prayers and my Faith!    Please let me know what you think.  I’m also praying for K and her boyfriend.   I don’t wish her or anyone any evil, that wouldn’t be right of me!  I do Pray for K, for GOD to Guide her and to Bless her.   That is the Will of GOD!

Peace Be Unto You All with Love and GOD Bless!   Jane.

This is The REAL Hillary Clinton? GOD SAYS NO! Benghazi, now E-Mails, Rose Law Firm, White Water, Now Running for President? Not Mine!

Pass this Around to All you KNOW! Please! We The People Must KNOW the Absolute Truth! And I’ve been very Careful to be Truthful and Honest! God Bless You All! Jane.


I Thought America Didn’t want to go back to the Past!   Well GOD SAYS NO In the Holy Bible!   Also with Jeb Bush who has proved nothing Positive to me!  “Remember ye are not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  Behold, I will do a new thing; it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?   I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.  The beast of the field shall honour me, the dragons and the owls; because I give waters in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert, to give drink to my people, my chosen.”   Isaiah 43; 18-20.

Now, I Thought and have seen on TV even with Democrats and Republicans and Independents that We Can’t go Back to the Past!   GOD does Require this of We The People Today!   God shewed…

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Those who support ISIS deserve to loose their Citizenship!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!   These individuals are NOT innocent!  But they are GUILTY!   A Housewife and her friend in New York.  And a Man in Washington D.C. supposedly to KILL President Obama.  Now as much as I do disagree with him, I do NOT want ANYTHING like that happening to him!

And the Idea that they are On-Line and using Cell Phones to get people interested is SICK!   But one must be extremely Gullible or Naive to get into that!

I see that – According to the News on ABC – Rand Paul in Kentucky is going to announce that he’s running for President as a “Different type of Republican!”   But he approves of the Negotiation with Iran, and backed Obama with some of his things, like Obama Care.  And raising the Debt Limit.  Which I Can’t Agree with!   So I’m still Praying to All Mighty GOD that Ted Cruz Wins!

And the I’m no Angel with Lane Bryant, going against Victoria Secret.   Well for me I love that!   I’m so tired of the Size 2 to be “Perfect”   The ONLY time I was that small, I was a Size 0!   Or Smaller!   I had just been discharged from Presbyterian Hospital in Sepulveda, California after breaking my Back involving 9 Vertebrae’s.  I was Weak, and Shaky and didn’t feel Healthy until a year later, and I was a size 12!   That’s a bit larger than I am today, I’m a Size 10!   According to the World, NOT Perfect, but my Husband, Mark and my Friends don’t seem to mind my size!    I Don’t want to be a Size 2 or 3!  That’s where I wouldn’t feel healthy!   I KNOW because I’ve been there and NO THANK YOU!

Well Today I go in the KU – Kansas University Medical Center / School – To see if this Dr. Anderson, is going to give me a new knee.   I had a Real Bad Fall on Ice last November.  Went to the Emergency Room there and they “Maybe you might have some Hairline Fractures.”   They gave me a strong narcotic and I went home.  Dr. McGreevy our Family Internist recommended me to see Dr. Nelson in Knee Orthopedics.  My First visit with him “YOU NEED A NEW KNEE!”  “WHY?” I asked, “BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FUSION BREAK AND THAT’S WHAT HAS BEEN CALLING THE PAIN YOU’VE BEEN FEELING AND WHY YOUR KNEE LOCKS UP ON YOU!”    That was from my First Visit.  He gave Shots a Cornerstone in my knee, which I had never had in My Life!  It took the pain away, but only for a short time.  And I wear a Tommy Copper Brace, I saw a TV Commercial and Bought it!   It was a Wise Decision!   But Dr. Nelson only does his Surgery in Overland Park.  Without  a vehicle and being the Driver in the Family if we did have a Vehicle, I wouldn’t be able to drive back to KC.! So I had to transfer to Dr. Anderson because he does his surgery at KU!  That is 1 bus to get there and back!   So my Appointment is Today at 11: 30.   Please, I am asking for Prayer on this for the Surgery, a Successful Result and not too much pain.  Though I don’t believe anything could be as back as breaking my back the way I did, I felt every vertebra Brake!

Well Please pray for me on my new knee.   Jesus IS!   Peace Be Unto You with Love and GOD Bless!  Jane.

I’m just giving my Opinions!

What the Lord Showed me in the Holy Bible! Praise The Lord!

Now first of all, I am a Christian Conservative.   I am Praying for the Souls of Obama’s family, but I Can’t agree with the Destruction of America that I see from from his Policies!    My disagreement has NOTHING to do with his RACE!  After all my Husband of 18 years is Black and Puerto Rican and Disagrees more than I.  And I’m a Sickle Cell Carrier.   Guess What?  My Dad was Black!   Though I may look quite fair, the rest of my family is mixed.  I have a White Sister who lives in Minnesota. And 3 Sister’s and 4 Brother’s here in Kansas City, Kansas and in Missouri who are Black, and I Love Them Dearly!  So I’m not a Racist.   I believe that Racism is Sin against GOD, because we are all Creatures of GOD, and GOD Never made any Mistakes!

Now I strongly believe that we are in the Last Hours.  The Last Days were back in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Now I believe we are in the Last Hours.  And the Rapture will happen, whether you believe or not.  You see it’s not up to any man or other individual.   It’s strictly up to GOD HIMSELF!   “But of that day and hour, knoweth no man, no not the angels in heaven, but my Father only.”   Matthew 24: 36.

Of which salvation the prophets have, enquired and searched diligently, who prophesied of the grace that should come unto you:   Searching what, or what manner of time the Spirit of Christ which was in them did signify when it testified before hand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow.  Unto it was reveled that not unto themselves, but unto us they did minister the things, which are now reported unto you by them that have preached the gospel unto you with the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven; things the angels desire to look into.  Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind. be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ: As obedient Children, not fashioning your selves  according to the former lusts in your ignorance;  But as he which hath called you in holy, so be ye holy; for I am holy, in manor of your conversation,  Because it is written, Be holy, for I am holy.  And if ye call on the Father, who without respect  of persons judgeth according to very man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear: Forasmuch as ye know that ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold from your vain consecration received by tradition from your fathers:  But with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot:  Who verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you.  Who by him do believe in GOD, that raised him up from the dead, and gave him glory: that your faith and hope might be in GOD.  Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:  Being born again, not of corruptible seed, bout of incorruptible, by the word of GOD, which liveth and abideth forever.  For all flesh is as grass all the glory of man as the flower of grass.  The grasp wherewith, and the flowers of falleth away, But the word of the Lord endureth for ever.  And this the word which by the gospel preached unto you.”        1 Peter 1: 10 – 25.

I Pray this Blesses You, as it has blessed me, beyond what I could believe!   I love sharing the Word of our Lord GOD!  I believe the Holy Bible is Alive and the True Word of GOD.  For I have found answers to just about every question I’ve ever needed.  The Holy Bible shows me how to be a good and appropriate wife for Mark.   How to Cook, How to Dress and How to Communicate with Every Body!   We must be careful to what we say and write.  As GOD knows it all and is Recording Everything.

So I pray this is a Blessing for All who Read this!   Jesus IS!   “I and my Father are one.”  John 10: 30.  Peace Be Unto You All and GOD Bless!  Jane.